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win sheen silicone power&storage battery Co.Ltd

[China] silicone energy battery,silicone power&storage battery12V100Ah

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afe usage, green and no pollution .
High efficiency for high current discharge
Optimized for high current discharge, which maintain the best movement for the
circuit system to increase the car capability greatly, save oil and energy and
reduce the car noises.
Optimized for instant high current discharge
Optimized for instant high current discharge and the best speed up ability.
Strong cold climate starting power
The superiority of low temperature starts to ensure discharge fluently in low
Amazed for charging ability
Minimal self-discharged, the storage time is over one year under the normal
Extended operating temperature range
silicone power batteries are able to operate under the harshest environments
from -40°C~+70°C.
Low internal resistance and the good receive ability of charging, increase the
charging capability, extend the battery usage life greatly.
Bigger reserved capacity
High battery reserved capacity, long battery life.
Long battery storage period
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win sheen silicone power&storage battery Co.Ltd

Postal code:100025
Phone: +86 10 64436936

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Name and Surname: peter zhao
Phone: +86 10 64436936
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